Church carry out threats and vandalizes our farm

IMG_3650sgnd Sept 21, 2017 Deputy Hildreth capturing the graffiti Cornerstone church did to our barn

Our dog woke us up barking about 4:30 am this morning. It was so ferocious it woke us up out of a dead sleep. We looked around, looked out the windows didn’t hear anything and he finally quieted down so we went back to bed. we sure didn’t get anymore sleep worrying as he was on guard the rest the night with his hackles raised and pacing. We thought it was probably some of the neighbor’s dogs they let run loose and they have been peeing on our back steps lately. However this is what greeted us this morning on the side of one of our barns, the one closest to the church. Obviously they paid us a visit in the wee hours of the morning and left this message – “Tree Hugger Bitches Move” then they circled the “We showd U”.

We called the sheriff out to report where the VFW had blatantly come on to our property and cut down 12 of our trees, and then we also filed a report against the church for doing the graffiti on our barn. Members of the church have threatened us off and on over teh years and especially in the past several months and now they have carried out some of those threats.  Just think people attend this church worse yet they send their children there. Even the tree cutters who have been extremely nice folks and have been so gracious commented they couldn’t believe this church thinks what they are doing is right. The deputy even said he was embarrassed by what this church is doing and couldn’t believe this.

IMG_3655sgnd graffiti CAC put on our barn Sept 21 2017


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