Omelet Acres Chicken & Eggs

DSC04700TUC ovalsfted sgnd  Omelet Acres Silver Laced Wyandotts Nov 15 2009

Our flock of hens was purchased as day old chicks from a small hometown hatchery, in April of 2009. Our hens are treated like queens, and they want for nothing. They have beautiful living conditions in their cage free coops and are fed a balanced diet of grain feeds and laying mash along with lots of produce, grasses & insects.

DSC03115 sgnd Brahmas Omelet & Brahmalay 1000x1333
Omelet & Brahmalay 10wks old

They are free range in large pastures and are rotated every 2-3 weeks to new grazing areas throughout the spring, summer & fall. They are contained in their coops at night for safety from predators and neighboring dogs. Our hens & roosters are named and come when called. The greens, bugs and exercise produce healthy, happy chickens who give us nice rich flavorful brown eggs that are healthy and great tasting. Some even have double yolks. Click here for the rest of “The Story  Behind Omelet Acres.”

DSC05116sgnd 800x1067Eggs from pasture-raised chicken were also found to be nutritionally superior to their factory farmed counterparts; compared to eggs from caged birds, pastured eggs had 10% less fat, 40% more vitamin A,  400% more omega-3s, and 34% less cholesterol. (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE). “Pastured Poultry Products: Summary.” SARE. 1999.)