Carousel Watergardens farm is a family owned and operated farm business.

Mark and Cathy grow all their bedding plants and vegetable plants to sell as well as to plant in the fields for their produce. They use organic methods along with sustainable agriculture. As firm believers of no chemicals we DSC00227 Aug 12 2008 Mark & Cathy Krist 600x450have always tried to educate our customers of the merits of no chemicals, and support the use of natural practices. Instilled in them at an early age the need to co-exist with nature and to help keep the balance; and only use natural methods such as bacteria, bio-augmentation and enzymes that are natural and eco friendly to the environment especially when it comes to the watergardens.

Carousel Watergardens Farm is the only greenhouse in Marion, Ohio who raises all our annuals, herbs and vegetable plants from seeds. We are located in a zone 4-5 climate. We specialize in aquaculture, the raising of water plants such as lilies, marginals and butterfly Koi fish and Shubunkin, and also raise bedding plants, hanging baskets, combo herb and patio planters. We start many of our seedlings in December and January then plant seeds everyday through the end of April, in our greenhouses. We can control the environment so our plants get a great healthy start before moving them outside. We also raise seedlings & plugs for many other greenhouses, flower shops and private individuals.

DSC03415 1000x1333 CWF_ producebed

Our produce is raised from our own vegetable plants that we start. We sell our plants and produce at 4 different farmers markets across Ohio and also supply several community gardens with vegetable plants in the spring. Our specialty is tomatoes and sweet and hot peppers, along with a variety of squash, cabbage, lettuce, onions, garlic, potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, herbs, pumpkins, and some specialty crops. We take pride in raising the finest quality produce to provide to our consumers. We are “GAP” an acronym for Good Agricultural Practices certified. Remember “food safety begins on the farm”.  We accept the WIC program coupons, Ohio Senior Farmers Market Nutrition program coupons, and WARM program coupons. Community supported Agriculture (CSA’s) is offered from the farm also. We have vegetable, egg, and turkey CSA packages.

We also do high tunnel plantings and try to get some of our crops in early in DSC03146TU 1000x1333 Mark_ high_ tunnel-tomatoeshigh tunnel greenhouses to get a jump on spring, then when the weather breaks the plastic either comes off or the sides are raised on the high tunnels. We plant in raised beds with drip irrigation and black mulch.

Cathy grew up on a farm where she milked dairy cows, raised beef cattle, hogs, sheep, chickens, and horses and trained and showed dogs. She was a member of 4-h and FFA, and showed her animals at fairs and livestock shows. She has an agri-business background and is a licensed veterinary technician and was a milk tester for Ohio Ag Services. Cathy met Mark on assignment while a photojournalist with many newspapers and magazines. Mark built and raced monster trucks professionally, but found that farming was in his blood when they met and decided they wanted to marry and buy a small farm to start their own business.

P0008256They take great pride in providing you with top quality fruit and produce and their herb dips, rubs & seasonings from Cathy’s Tasty Treats. Cathy uses family heirloom recipes from her grandparents, and father as well as her own recipes she has developed. The soup collection is a favorite with many, as well as the crock-pot cakes. She also makes a variety of herb breads, cobblers and the highly requested family’s fall harvest bread. She also does gourmet dog and cat treats with all proceeds of the sales from the dog/cat treats going to Cathy’s K- 9 Rescue to help with spay/neuter, vaccinations, medical expenses and training of abused and neglected dogs. See some of her “Happy Tails” at .

In 2009 Cathy and Mark started raising chickens and turkeys for egg and meat production and CSA packages. They take pride and enjoy caring for their livestock, to raise healthy, happy animals. The hens & turkeys are free range in lush green pastures supplemented with grains and lots of produce. The birds love those heirloom tomatoes, pumpkins and watermelons.

Cathy and Mark started the very successful Columbus Winter Farmers MarketCWFM Barn Logo & website1 in the fall of 2008 in Clintonville which runs November through April. They are members of the Clintonville Chamber of Commerce,  members and president of the Farmers Market Management Network and work with several farmers markets in an advisory capacity to the market board. Cathy is past officer and member of the local humane society, and is an adviser with several dog rescue groups and training organizations in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. She has also worked with inmates in the Pound Puppy program in several prison programs in Ohio.

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