Heartbreaking in the name of God?

Our Bluebirds at Carousel Watergardens
Bluebirds that come in each spring that made their nests in the fence row. We would put bird houses out each spring for them,. It took years to get them to come and stay after another neighbor shot birds & wildlife for years. He finally died and the wildlife soon came back.

It is heartbreaking to see the wildlife that have collected their provisions for winter, made their nests and lived in the beautiful trees in the fence row are now displaced and homeless.

As we work in the fields harvesting our crops I see the owl flying around looking for her roost, the hawk flying over with her piercing cries circling over and over the areas where she and her young would sit in the trees, watching for field mice, squirrels and rodents to prey upon. Wondering where her perches have gone. The finches have not stopped crying “where’s my home, where’s my home” since they started clear cutting the trees and shrubbery along the fence line. Last night the crows shrill cries nonstop for hours as they tried to make sense of the devastation done to their perches. It has been pitiful to see the mourning doves, squirrels, robins and red birds sitting on our barn roofs with a blank stare looking at the habitat that once was theirs. The bees are lost looking for the perennials to pollinate that are gone forever. I can only imagine what the hummingbirds and blue birds will think when they return next year to their nesting areas only to find the cold calloused Cornerstone Alliance church has clear

DSC06900sgnd butterfly on flower in fence row
All kinds of butterflies swarmed to the fauna and perennials in the fence row. Swallowtails, Monarchs, and many others along with a diverse group of good bugs and of course our main pollinators the bees.

cut everything out of shear vindictiveness and hate.

The majesty of those beautiful trees, wild phlox, mangos and other flowering perennials is gone forever. Why? Because of vile, angry people of this church who have no regard for God’s creatures, the environment or people. Since the trees are down and the shrubbery gone, the amount of heat in just the last two days is immense. The church has just added to the global warming problem and yet they could care less. One must wonder if they will be the first to perish in the fires of hell for their part in destroying the earth.

What is interesting is the arborvitaes that we paid for and planted years ago with the permission of pastor Jim, which now have been clear cut. Pastor Jim came to us shortly after the church began to build and stated he wanted to start planting the privacy hedge that was discussed at the zoning meetings but that he had no money. We offered to

DSC03549sgnd Racoons babies at cwffarm
We have a raccoon family every year who lived in the fence row at the base of their favorite tree which was cut down last Friday. I always enjoyed watching the babies come out for the first time and explore all over the farm. The momma coon came back Friday night and just walked and walked in circles where her tree used to be. So pitiful.

pay for the original arborvitaes with the assurance that the church would follow through with more pines and a privacy fence. He agreed and we bought the arborvitaes that were planted on the east side, the south side and along our rock wall fence. We planted, watered and cared for them to get them started. Pastor Jim said they would mow and trim and keep it looking nice they were planted far enough away from the fence for clearance of the mower to go around. However they never kept their end of the agreement.

We cared for and kept the grounds around those trees for years, raked and cleaned up the fallen limbs, raked the leaves, mowed and picked up the trash with never so much as a thank you. As our work load became more here at the farm having to deal with the drainage problems and damages from the neighbors and as we have gotten older we expressed to their grounds keepers over the past 12 years they needed to start maintaining and doing it. We had told Dan Hayman, Craig their custodian even spoke with Matt Derring their youth pastor and the senior pastor Tim Miller that they needed to get them cleaned up and mow around them and also cut their dead ash trees down before damage was caused to our place. Matt Derring assured us he

Bluebird in flight by Cathy Rollison Krist june 2001
Some of the bluebirds that come each year and nest in the fence row especially the wild cherry trees that were cut down last Tuesday.

and a friend would come and do it, even called one day to say they were coming. They showed up once and walked around but as far as cleaning the vines out of the trees, raking the dead leaves, trash and debris and getting it cleaned up well that never happened. Over the years more than 20 some dead trees have fallen on our property damaging our barns, our greenhouses, our slate roof, our watergarden and our property, killing our livestock, and barely missing us one day by only a foot.

I have never met a lazier, conniving, lying, vile and vindictive group as Administrative Pastor Dave Hamrick, Pastor Tim Miller, Matt Derring, trustees as the Westons, Gary Roush, Mr. Shenefield and others of this group, in my entire life and they do it in the name of God. I shudder at the thought of how they must connive to get older folks to leave their life estates and money to this group next door. The horror stories we could share that they have done over the years is unbelievable and if we had not lived it I would have found farfetched to believe myself.

My heart aches for the wildlife that has been displaced and so close to winter not giving them time to seek new shelter and gather provisions to

DSC03741sgnd Bunny buns at cwffarm
Ole Buuny-buns a rabbit who was born in a nest in our rock wall fence. He loved playing and frolicing in the fence row shrubbery. He became very used to us and would follow me into my garden patio area where he would sit nearby as I would feed my koi fish. He would also follow me around as I did chores. I haven’t seen him since they used a bobcat and cleared everything out. Our rock wall where he stayed has been knocked down, we have to get it re-stacked and hope he comes back. I hope he wasn’ t killed.

make it through the coming winter evn the fauna and bugs that is native and detrimental to our environment. Do you think the church cares or even gives a passing thought to it? My heart aches equally for those majestic healthy trees and shrubs that took decades to grow. The shelter, shade, windbreak and eco system they provided, God’s glorious wonders and life sustaining world destroyed out of hate, shear laziness and neglect by a group of people who profess to be doing God’s work.

IMG_9582sgnd bumblebee hummingbird in the wild flox in fence row
The hummingbird moth’s who would come in each year to the wild phlox and perennials. That are now gone all destroyed by the bobcat. Such beauty to behold will never be seen again thanks to Cornerstone Alliance Church.
DSC00414sgnd mourning dove babies hovered on our patio
The mourning doves nest was destroyed in the arborvitaes. The young birds are now huddled on my patio, scared and frightened now that their habitat was destroyed. I haven’t seen the mother only the 3 babies since last Tuesday.
DSC06304sgnd wren making her nest in our bird house in fence row
Our little wren just screams at the top of her lungs all day and late evening since the shrubbery was destroyed and cleared out by the bobcat crew. I have a bird house by our fence which was 3 foot from her favorite bushes in the fence row. She has come back to the same bird house for 20 years. I can only wonder that those at Cornerstone Alliance church experience the same things as these animals have one day with their very own homes being destroyed.
IMG_6358cwffarm owl at our farm lives in fence row
The young owl is hanging out around our chicken pens. He is terrified since his home has been destroyed and is now gone. He doesn’t know where to go. We try to move very slowly around him so as not to add to his fear. Can you imagine how he must feel to have lost your home because some people were cold calloused and hateful with total disregard for who or what they displace from their homes?

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