Have you seen these signs?



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Edible Thursdays Farmers Market are looking for their  signs and are seeking the public’s help in finding them. IMG_0515TUC CWFM ETFM sign 400x300So we ask have you seen these signs. On Thursday June 20, 2013 some one or several people decided to remove & steal our farmer’s markets signs at the intersections of Cook & Indianola, Morse & Indianola, and at Weishiemer & Indianola.

These signs were expensive to purchase and we reuse them for each market. As our farmers markets is put on by farmers just trying to make a living to support our farms, livestock and families we just do not have the funds to replace them. We do have permission to have our signs out for the day of the market as long as we remove our signs after the market is over that evening. This my husband & I do religiously each Thursday evening

Black letters with green arrow
Black letters with green arrow

Granted there has been some extreme animosity & bias by a certain few in the Clintonville community when it comes to hospitality and playing fair in the Clintonville/Beechwold area. For a community to preach how they support farmers, farmers markets and advocate buying local farm products, in many instances we have found that although said it has not been well practiced. There are many instances in which a token few have been vindictive isn’t it time to grow up and play fair? At this time we would just like those who took it upon themselves to help themselves to our signs, to please return them and renew our faith in our fellow man/woman.

Our market is not subsidized, nor does it receive donations, we do not get grants (which in reality are entitlements that increase our country’s, yours & mine deficit) we do not have volunteers nor are our market managers paid; the facilities we hold our markets at are not donated for free we pay to hold our markets. We do not solicit the community for money or donations as we feel that is not fair to ask someone for something when one is capable of working for it. We work very hard to give back to this community. We help support a wonderful charity; we support local entertainment and provide good wholesome farm fresh products to the Clintonville community. We purchase newspaper ads, we have our printing needs done in the community we joined the Clintonville Chamber of Commerce. We spend money by patronizing the area businesses & we pay sales taxes in the Clintonville community. As I was raised on a farm and have farmed all my life I was always taught to be respectful, to always work hard and to pay your way, abide by the rules, be courteous and always take the higher road. My dad always told us to follow this advice but he also “if there should be a wrong than speak up about it, be part of the cause for change, set an example do not be an example.” I have worked very hard to do all I was taught. There was one more thing Dad always said – “turn all four cheeks twice but after the 4th cheek 2nd time, it’s time to speak up.”  I’m speaking up now.

We simply ask that whoever decided to help themselves to our 5 signs please return them. You have hurt the very farmers/producers this community says they support.


There are 3 signs that are black letters with green arrows, and 2 signs with the red barn logo with blue letters and red arrows. We have filed a police report. If anyone has any information or seen anything please call us at 740-387-3580. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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