Beautiful End To The Day

IMG_2723cwffarm June sunset over farmIt was a beautiful sunset tonight over the farm and produce beds. We were up early planting more beets, then we moved on to planting our flowers along the borders of the produce beds & ends of rows to draw the pollinators in.
After we finished with that we started storm cleanup, it was still to wet in the one area of the field to lay plastic and drip so we let it dry for another day. Tomorrow we will turn it again then lay the drip & plastic so we can get the rest of our broccoli and cabbage plants in.

We have all the driveways cleaned up and the front flower beds & yard. Finally we moved out to the neighbors yard to start cleaning up that huge Sycamore tree that came down on them and us. We made fairly good time and hope to finish it all up by tomorrow. We are pretty beat it was a heavy and tiresome job but we made some headway on it. We’ll finish cutting the trunk down later this week or next. Suffice it to say we are totally beat. I know I’m not cooking tonight so it’s chicken with white gravy for dinner aka Corn Flakes & milk. Sounds just fine to me.

The car shows and cruise-ins start this week. We are looking forward to seeing some classics at the shows. Last week we helped my elderly friend Jim put a very large and very heavy battery in his 1948 Cadillac. He just sold all but three of his collectors cars this past week. Some ole Plymouth’s, a 1956 corvette, a couple Desotos, his model A truck and his Ford tractor. It was bitter sweet for Jim, he hated to see them go but he can’t keep up with the care of all of them either. I understand his plight but he’s already talking about what his next classic will be. I knew he couldn’t stay out of it long.

Sunset over our produce fields from tonight.IMG_2730cwffarm june sunsest over produce beds

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