Social Distancing, Masks Coupled with Positive Attitude And Farm Fresh

In our efforts to continue to provide our farms fresh vegetables and our value added

IMG_3018cwffarm keeping it clean & disenfected at CWFFarm
We have used Clorox wipes for years and always bought by the case but as with most items in today’s times they are getting hard to come by. Thank goodness we have one partial case left. Although we do mix up our own disinfectant in a spray bottle to use I still love the wipes. Lysol doesn’t cut it with us it triggers my asthma so we stay clear of it. My fear is someone will spray it near me and now with covid we have found that they have discontinued my inhaler that works. Now we cannot get a new one due to being an elective appointment to go to the doctors office to get a new prescription. Sigh…

products to customers we are overwhelmed how everyone has been so gracious and wonderful. Our customers are doing an awesome job with the social distancing, masks and everyone has had the greatest attitude in light of our “new” and I hope short lived normal. It is amazing how in spite of everything that has been thrown at America lately how light hearted, compassionate, and such good natured humor everyone has had.

We cannot thank you, our customers enough for your patronage, your stories, how you are coping and your kind thoughts and above all your sincere patience. We love how without being told everyone has practiced the safe distancing; wearing of masks and IMG_3013cwffarm April 2020 at Glenwood UMCeverything else that is the new norm.
I have to say the mask wearing is the hardest part to get through. Not only are they a nuisance, and a bother for those of us who can’t see due to our glasses fogging up but having to breath our own hot air when we just want cool fresh air. Then the fact we have been conditioned over the years to be wary of those who wear masks for they are up to no good. The humor in which we have all shared with the stereotype of masks has been enlightening. As much as a nuisance as masks are we had a wonderful young lady, Genna, who made us 6 awesome and beautiful masks we are so thankful. I love the green polka dot ones the best but they all are super.
We would like to give a special thank you to Colleen Dick for the gas perks you have graciously shared with us. You and your hubby are just so sweet and wonderful. I cannot

IMG_3468cwffarm socail distancing 2020 04 25
Practicing safe social distancing and masks. Of course we call this young man our “yellow masked bandit” and we all get a good laugh. Our customers are the best.

wait until you can take full advantage of those perks again for yourself. We haven’t gotten gas this cheap since the 70’s goes to show one truly can re-live the good ole days!

The past few months we have been busy in the greenhouse although we have not had much cooperation with Mother Nature and the sun, everything is coming on slow. Finally this coming week we will start bringing some of our vegetable & bedding plants that are ready along with our usual farm fresh items to market. For all you folks who are planning your gardens for this year, we will have a variety of tomato plants along with hot & sweet pepper plants, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower plants. In a few weeks we will have our cabbage plants, zucchini, cucumber & squash plants ready. Here are some pics re-capping some of our markets of late…

IMG_3464 2020 04 25s serving the public while practicing safety during pandemic
Hummm I wonder who those masked folks are?…Hubby having a good day!

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