Time For Hemorrhaging Money

IMG_1874cwffarm pouring over seed catalogs

It’s that time of year we lovingly refer to as “hemorrhaging money”. With property taxes due, farm & health insurance, licenses due and seeds to buy coupled with no income coming in what would you call it? 🙂

With seed catalogs covering every flat surface and floor of the house and always a spread across the kitchen island that has to be removed if one wants to eat. We experience the daily highs & lows along with the headaches of pouring through seed books, finding the same seed in multiple catalogs at varying prices and trying to get the most for the money. Pouring over record keeping deciding which and what crops did best and whose seed it was. Then trying to consider new crops that might fit into our crop plans, considering the pros & cons of will it grow in our soil, what are the diseases it is prone to, does it have any disease resistance, what are the projected yields providing mother nature cooperates and so on and so forth. Asides from “hemorrhaging money” this time of year is definitely known as the “aspirin season” too.

Spring planting fever hits us in November when the first seed catalogs start coming in and by January even though we have started some seedlings in the greenhouses in December already, with our exuberance we do have to refrain ourselves and not plant too much too early. It is a balancing act to determine just when we want to plant in the fields and of course Mother Nature has a bigger say in that than we do but even though the ole saying “no pain no gain” we have to consider and plan the planting stages we need. “Early” to hopefully get the jump on crops hoping weather doesn’t take it out and we can get some crops in early and then “later” in case weather does beat us up even though we get crops out on time, then there is “late” planting in case both “early” and “later’ crops are flooded, froze or didn’t germinate then we have some for back up. Hence the beloved terminology “hemorrhaging money”, your gonna hemorrhage sooner or later but then you consider the “no pain no gain” and then there is always the “aspirin season”. In other words this is the fun time of year those of us referred to as “farmers” look forward to. Kind of like childbirth it’s a pain you soon forget right? 🙂 Don’t ask our wallet.

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