Through Age Comes Wisdom?

1816-IL sgnd 1950 Ford F1 E1I’m really tired of the cold, already. There are lots of things that need done outside today, well everyday for that matter. I just do not want to do it in temperatures under 50 degrees. Oh I have insulated coveralls, boots, gloves etc. to wear but it adds an extra 15+ pounds and that is a lot to carry around while doing hard physical labor. So today I will think about all that needs to be done outside but unless some miracle happens I highly doubt the motivation will come to go and do it.
Should & do I feel guilty? Heck yes. Will it persuade me to get motivated to go out today? Ummm not if I can help it. Is this an age thing? Most definitely, for they say we learn from age , or is it through age comes wisdom?
The lesson I have learned is I love being an ole fart with a backbone to stand up to mother nature and retire from her cold grasp. Well that’s my excuse anyhow.
Got to go have to go dig potatoes… Shut up would ya…!

Here is an illustration of some of my new stationary line I am working on. I’d rather be doing that today than going outside.

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