CWFFarm at All Life Center March 13 Open House

IMG_8857TUC cwffarm vegetables

Join CWFFarm at the All LIfe Center‘s open house this Sunday March 13 from 3:30-6:30 pm. located at 123 Hyatts Rd., Delaware, Ohio 43015 . We will offer our seasonal vegetables, honey, maple syrup, soup mixes, fresh ground flour, popcorn, jams & jellies, soaps and our farm fresh CSA eggs, whole chicken, ground chicken, chicken sausage links, wings, ground beef & patties, ground pork & sausage. Want a share of the bounty all summer? Then ask them about their summer vegetable & egg CSA share. For a wonderful relaxing afternoon come see all the fantastic producers/artisans at the ALC open house. Here is a sampling of CWFFarm  products you’ll find.

IMG_3725sgnd CWFFARM at ALC open house April 19 2015IMG_8138cwffarm winter produceIMG_8147cwffarm jam & jellyIMG_8840cwffarm soapsIMG_8142cwffarm produce IMG_8156cwffarm popcorn

IMG_8185cwffarm garlicIMG_8182cwffarm red onions

IMG_8164cwffarm honeyIMG_8812C cwffarm maple

IMG_8793cwffarm brussel sproutsIMG_8826cwffarm booth at cwfm 2016IMG_8167cwffarm Carnival acorn squashIMG_8181cwffarm sweet potatoes

Fresh ground oat & wheat flour
Fresh ground oat & wheat flour
Variety of soup mixes
Variety of soup mixes


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