Sawyer Ludwig Park Permaculture Gardens installed

The Krist’s of Carousel Watergardens Farm & Ken Lengieza with Marion Regional Planning along with other volunteers are planting fruit trees, fruit bearing bushes at Sawyer Ludwig park.
IMG_4273sgnd  2015 10 20 Planting fruit trees at Sawyer Ludwig park permaculture gardens
Ken Lengieza, Dan Stewart with Marion Regional planning in background & Mark Krist of Carousel Watergardens Farm work on digging holes in permaculture gardens

October 20, 2015

Our Marion Ohio Sustainable Food group have been planning a permaculture fruit tree garden at Sawyer Ludwig Park. Today was a work day to plant in a 100 assorted fruit trees & fruit bearing bushes. We hand dug most of the holes in the hardest rock solid clay “concrete” it was a long long tedious job today. We started at 8:30 am and finished around 2:30pm. The goal was to plant apple, cherry, pear & persimmon trees along with several nut trees and fruit bearing bushes on large mounds. Five of us hand dug the holes while the city workers used a tractor to bring us some bucket loads of organic matter to mix into the clay soil to soften the dirt up for the roots to spread and take hold. We all took turns carrying numerous 5 gallon buckets of water to water the trees & bushes in. By noon we were all getting pretty wore out. After we dug the first 25 holes for the trees the city was able to bring an auger in to dig down a bit deeper and break the soil up. We had a beautiful sunny day and wonderful breeze to keep us pretty cool while working. Here are some pics of our work day.

Here’s the article from the local newspaper

IMG_4303 Sgnd 10 20 2015 Sawyer Ludwig parkplanting fruit trees

Steve Harbolt of J & S Poly Farm
Steve Harbolt of J & S Poly Farm

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