CWFFarm at Columbus Winter Farmers Mkt March 7, 2015

IMG_2327 sgnd Cathys Tasty Treats 500x375
Pantry-fare at Carousel Watergardens Farm

IMG_2332sgnd sftd CWFarm

Spring is coming slow but sure. We have been busy in the greenhouses and also tapping our maple trees to collect maple sap.

In the mean time you can pick up some maple and other  delicious farm goodies from Carousel Watergardens Farm at the Columbus Winter Farmers Market this Saturday March 7, 2015 from 10am-1pm at Whetstone Community Center 3923 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43214.

IMG_7629sgnd CWFFarm eggs Omelet acres
“Our girls lay their hearts out for you” at Carousel Watergardens Farm

As we have said before “Our girls lay their hearts out for you” and with the longer daylight hours they have been busy that means we have plenty of farm fresh eggs ready for all your cooking needs. We will also have our spinach, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, onions, butternut & acorn squash and a limited amount of other winter squash, garlic, jams & jellies, maple syrup, maple cream, our sweet honey & our herb infused honey, herb dips, rubs & seasonings.  We will also have chicken, turkey, ground beef and pork sausage and for those bread bakers try some of our oat or wheat bread flour. While at the market check out the many other farmers/producers and their great products and stick around and enjoy the entertainment by Timbre Wolves. Come enjoy our down home goodies and warm hospitality.

IMG_2330TUCsftd Sgnd CWFFarm honey
Honey in the morning, honey in the evening at
IMG_2334sgnd CWFveggies
Fresh winter vegetables from Carousel Watergardens Farm
IMG_2329TUCsftdSgnd CWFFarm Maple
Mmmm good maple syrup from Carousel Watergardens Farm




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