Another Loss at CWFFarm- “Sunny Side Up” aka Sunny R.I.P.

"Sunny Side Up" aka Sunny with his ladies.
“Sunny Side Up” aka Sunny with his ladies.

A few weeks ago we lost my sweet rooster Eg G. Benedict aka Bennie, however I was fortunate to still have his handsome son “Sunny Side Up” aka Sunny. Today upon returning home from work we found Sunny had passed away he was only 1 1/2 years young, his life was only beginning. I had hoped to hatch some of Sonny’s progeny to carry on the genes of he & Bennie, unfortunately all genes stop with Sunny now. The eggs were too cold tonight to collect for hatching and for now both my handsome sweet boys will only live on in our memories.
I hope the eggs we collect over the next few days will be fertilized so that I can incubate them and hopefully have a few Brahma’s hatch that will carry Sunny and Bennie’s sweet, caring and handsome qualities. It appears Sunny just laid down and passed peacefully while resting in the pine chips this morning. It was totally unexpected and we are still baffled & shocked to come home to find him gone. Sunny was healthy and active and has shown no signs yesterday or this morning of any illness. He had a great appetite and had even gone outside the past couple days with our 40 degree heat wave we experienced. I will certainly miss my boy, and his sweet proud picturesque stance in the field. I know his girls will miss his gentle, caring watchful eye for their safety and well being. With these two losses so close together 2015 is not starting out a very good year here on the farm.

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