It’s time to skin a greenhouse


Looks like this weekends freeze spared a number of our crops again. Talk about lucky. Our celery, bunching onions, big chili peppers and some of our bell peppers come through unscathed. Surprising but hey we’ll take it.

Today we skin one of two greenhouses that is needing done. Weather forecast is breeze 5-10mph, but hey just as soon as we get the plastic unrolled and cut and are just about to crest the top of the greenhouse bows I guarantee the winds will be 30mph. Happens every 4 years when we have to skin a house. Its a bummer when there are just 2 of us and over 2000 square feet of plastic and as the weatherman says “a slight breeze” as I become “balloon girl” when the plastic goes airborne. Imagine my comfort zone while flapping 20ft in the air as hubby says “don’t let go!” Oh yea with out aeronautical training I do so look forward to orbiting the earth on a piece of plastic. Over the years I have held on for I have learned this is ultimately what they mean when they say “pissing money to the wind.” That plastic isn’t cheap. Wish us luck God knows we’ll need it, but we have proved that we provide his chuckle for the day when we skin a greenhouse. Anyone looking for a joy ride, I mean want to help?

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