My little Girl

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Daisy June 1, 2004 –May 8, 2014

I lost my little girl Daisy today. 005614 Daisy Feb. 2005

Although to most people she was a Great Dane she will always be my little girl.  My sweet Daisy passed today after battling bone cancer for almost 2 years and the dreadful fiend finally metastasize to her lymph glands 4 months ago and was eating the life out of her. Daisy fought a valiant battle never letting it get her down.  My “dadie tatie” as we lovingly called her enjoyed long walks around the farm, being a shadow to your every move. She loved her car rides with her big fluffy bed consuming the whole back of our minivan as she would lay there looking out the windows watching the country side pass by.  An occasional grumble to let us know she was happy.

Daisy came to us as an abuse and neglect case 10 years ago. She was only about 8-9 months old but in that short time she had experienced many atrocities many with a baseball bat and freezing to death before she came to us.  We ever so slowly worked her through the demons that haunted her but she never really trusted strangers unless they met her on her terms and those were “please do not force yourself on me.” We saw to it that no one ever did, we always coached people to let her be do not look at her do not touch her until she is ready  if you did she would tremble uncontrollably and look for the nearest exit. We always gave strangers, family and friends a handful of treats and directed folks to ignore her  and  when she approaches you on her terms open your hand and let her have a treat. If folks followed directions then they had a friend for life.

Great Danes are the Bob Hope of the dog world. They have a remarkable way of keeping you in stitches not only by their antics but their facial expressions also. Daisy was true to her breed. She loved to go to the produce fields with us and would beg for a cherry tomato to be thrown her way. She very rarely caught them but her efforts to try were so comical and the look on her face when she clamped down thinking she had caught it butunable to figure why it wasn’t in her mouth.  Her eyes widened with surprise her front paws groping the air still trying to catch the elusive cherry tomato until she gave up and begged you to throw another. It didn’tDSC03183 matter if it was a tomato, a ball, a rope or any toy catching was not her forte.


She was however a “great” friend, a comrade, a pal, a guardian and a wonderful companion, who as all dog lovers know, life was cut way to short. She had the greatest hearing and I assume it was because if someone said boo she wanted to know first so she could hide behind me and peek out. As big as she was she was more than eager to let the 8 pound Jack Russell take on the fight. She also was so very gentle with the small dogs that came into rescue and our little 10 pound Lhaso/Pom. Gracie would bat Daisy on the nose and Daisy would push her gently in play, they would play for hours this way. Gracie is so lost without her Daisy here.DSC03535 DSC00239

When Razzle joined our family he was a scared little puppy in a new kingdom, and although his parents were huge he was cautious of Daisy but this only lasted a few days. Daisy took on the grandmotherly role and the game was off and running as they would not stop play we often had to intervene so they could both get a rest. Daisy had become a pup again with a new zest for life. As Razzle grew so too did Daisy’s cancer until it was evident that the pain of playing was too great for her she just wanted to lay comfortably on her Karunda bed and she weaned Razz from play times.

Wherever Daisy was you could not walk past her without her lifting her paw up as a stop sign. Stop and pet me I need a tummy rub to which we were only too IMG_1001happy to oblige and she would coo with those low rumbling grumblings. She always loved to be clean heaven help you if she didn’t get her weekly bath on time and her bed washed and a new clean blanket to cover her with. You would not get a moments peace unless you did it when she wanted it done. She loved her toys to be clean and surrounding her on her karunda. She spent countless hours taking care of her stuffed toys never tearing them up just holding them or laying them around over and under her. Her favorites were Rocco raccoon and shubunky the fish.  For her birthday’s  she always got to pick out her toy and would proudly carry it to the checkout where she reluctantly gave it to the checkout person to scan but quickly took it back to carry to the car. She took great care of her toys.

P0006064Today Daisy and I took our last walk around the farm together. She took her good ole time not normal for her for her pace was always quick. She took in all the sights, smells and checked out everything, the tree mounds, the produce fields, the ponds, and her beloved greenhouse. Grumbling with her low growls as she always did to show her delight and approval. Daisy was always a vocal girl with those deep down low moans and grumbles to talk to you. Daisy always loved to go to the greenhouse where a karunda lay just for her. Daisy like me was not fond of winter and the tropical warmth of the greenhouse in most February’s and March was most welcome to her. She always lay right behind my potting area and followed me as I watered the seedlings. She divided her time up and would stand and watch Mark as he filled the seed trays with soil and enjoyed when he took a moment and acknowledged her. She walked until exhaustion and then wanted to go back in the house to lay on her Karunda. The death mottle was slowly encroaching but it was a few more hours before she was ready to visit her beloved vet Sandy.

IMG_3880 Daisy May 8 2014 10 years oldLate afternoon Daisy let us know it was time to see Sandy, it was time to go.  We loaded her big fluffy bed in the back of the van for one last trip. Daisy was ecstatic as weak as she had become she certainly didn’t want help getting in the van. Oh no she raced out the backdoor and vaulted as though a gymnast into the van and plopped down on her bed, then that all too familiar whine as if to say “come onIMG_3921 let’s go there are things to see.” Here was our Daisy again the life had come back all her pain and weaknesses had vanished for a short while. The 40 minute drive she relished but as we got closer to Sandy’s office Daisy started her familiar whine in anticipation of where we were going. She loved to see Sandy and knew the destination with each turn her vocals became more excited until we turned into the office parking lot then she always jumped up and waited patiently at the van door as we put her leash on then told her to come. Her weak legs now full of anticipation of bounding through the door to hear and see Sandy.

For the last time  we sat on the floor at the office my “little girl” crawled on my lap as she laid her head on my shoulder and looked in my eyes she grumbled we talked back and forth for a few moments and then she licked my face to let me know it was time. I held my little one as her spirit left her body to join my dad and all our other beloved pets who have passed before her. I know she was received with welcome arms for Daisy is the life of the party now walking with her grandpa and all her four legged friends.

 It has been a lonesome couple days now and while working in the fields laying drip and plastic for our crops I turn my head as I hear Daisy’s low growly grumblings letting me know she is watching and she has not left us but will be watching over us.     Rest in peace my little one I will always love and miss you.DSC03161CsgndDaisy 500x386

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