Reflections and Regrets

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Reflecting upon my many years in farming the past few years have been just like re-living the late 70’s and early 80’s on the farm. That is when many of us farmers had to reluctantly curb our livelihood and lifestyles on the farm.  Life changing and painful decisions had to be made that affected many farmers. Back then I had to give up my dairy herd, beef cattle, and our chickens, hogs and other livestock on the farm for it became cost prohibitive to raise our animals due to the recession of the 70’s & 80’s. Today the milk check isn’t much more than what we made in the 70’s yet all other input costs to produce farms commodities have rose immensely.

It was a difficult decision but we finally were forced to succumb to the costs of producing our farms eggs.  We have had to stop our wholesale accounts of Omelet Acres eggs to our patron stores.  We were unable to absorb those cost and not make even a hint of a profit by whole selling our wonderful delicious  eggs from our lovely ladies.

Simply put the cost of producing eggs for whole sale accounts was counterproductive as far as any type of profit. With the cost of feed rising drastically over the past 2 years, bedding, egg cartons, electric, and other variables it just became cost prohibitive to sell on the wholesale level. We put off this decision for many months but finally we were forced to inform our wholesale accounts we would only be able to supply them through Christmas at which time we would no longer be able to wholesale our product.

Asides from feed costs, egg cartons have had a huge rise in cost. This was due to one of the only two egg carton manufactures had a fire and burning to the ground thus making the supply and demand for egg cartons a rich man’s game.  The company is re-building but meantime the egg cartons price and the unreliability to receive our orders of egg carton made it difficult to provide the eggs to our stores in a timely manner.. The egg carton companies told us their larger English and Amish factory farms get first priority on cartons and would continue to get their discounts, quite quickly it became evident that smaller farmers could only get the tid bits and pay a much higher price for them.  

Not wanting to inconvenience our faithful customers, we have since August, continued to supply our wholesale accounts with eggs at a loss to the farm. It actually was costing us to supply and deliver eggs we were not even breaking even and with winter coming on and the higher utility & feed costs we finally were forced to make the decision to discontinue our wholesale accounts.

We will however continue to sell our eggs at the retail level and folks will still be able to come here to the farm and to our farmers markets to purchase our Omelet Acres farm fresh eggs. Through the winter you can find our eggs at the Columbus Winter Farmers Market the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month. For spring and summer watch our  cwffarm events page on our web site for the summer farmers markets we will be attending. We had to make the tough decision to downsize our ladies and were fortunate to have found many very good homes. We have 6 of our boys left and each of them have their smaller harem of ladies and they are very dedicated to providing fresh nutritious and healthy eggs for our retail and CSA customers.

We thank all our wholesale accounts and their faithful customers for your faithful patronage.   

Best wishes for a better New Year.

 Carousel Watergardens Farm.


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