CWF at Columbus Winter Farmers Mkt March 2, 2013

Mark your calendar Carousel Watergardens Farm will be back at the Columbus Winter Farmers Market on Saturday March 2nd from 10-1 at Charity Newsies, 4300 Indianola Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43214.

We just processed our heritage chickens. Order yours today they are going fast. Heritage chicken are from multi purpose heritage breeds these were young roosters and are on the Slow Foods Ark of  Taste list for their remarkable savory taste. It’s chicken like grandma used to make!

These chickens are very flavorful. Cook them slow and at a low temperature. We recommend roasting them at 325 degrees for 25 minutes for every pound, roast breast side down. Slather your whole chicken with oil or butter and season to taste ( we recommend Cathy’s Tasty Treats Poultry Seasoning, Rosemary Garlic Seasoning or Granny’s Deep South BBQ rub) baste frequently as the chicken cooks. The birds range in size from 3 lb. – 5 1/2 lb.  and cost $3.50 lb. Call us at 740-387-3580 to order yours, we can bring them to the next Columbus Winter Farmers Market or you can come to the farm to pick up by appointment.


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